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May, 2017

Professional, Personal, and Marvelous!

Had the most wonderful tour by Marv and wife Maggie! They picked us up at our RV park in a comfortable van and drove us directly to the Grand Canyon with no waiting, loading or unloading a bus or train. We were personally guided to the spots with the best views. We sat and took in the beauty while Marv and Maggie filled our minds with intetesting facts and tales of the geology, history, and Native American lives and lore. We were given opportunities to hike short or longer trails, or just sit and enjoy the many vistas. We rode in the van to places in a timely way to avoid crowds and traffic. Marv’s 30 plus years of experience at the GC was key to getting around, and Maggie’s true love for the GC was infectious. I would highly recommend this tour! We had another couple from Austria on the same booking and everyone was extremely pleased with it. Avoid the 5 hours on the train or long lines of cars and crowded busses. Call Marvelous Marv!

TripAdvisor Review from Cynthia P

April, 2017

Marvelous Marv’s is the way to go.

Marv is a great tour guide. He has lived in the area for a lot of years and is extremely knowledgable of the Canyon as well as the land, the people and the history’s around it. I would recommend this tour to anyone.

TripAdvisor Review from Kim F


Great Time, Fun, Enjoyed enough that I’d recommend without hesitation…

Well; the weather isn’t always going to cooperate, but Marv made the best of it and made it fun for the wife and I. Because it was raining, Marv took us through the buildings and back-ways to get around to see everything. Very neat to see some of the behind the scenes areas. The Grand Canyon is something that you really need 2-4 days to see it all, but one of those days should be with Marv’s personal tour. He knows his subject matter. Has been a part of the park scene and lives in Williams, Arizona most of his life. For us, his personality suited us very well. Everyone says ‘HI’ to Marv. He does not drop you off at the front gate and say in a few. He’s with you 100% and the park has a lot of great view points and ton of history. We were driving in from Flagstaff, so we met him at the visitor center in Williams, AZ. By the way, it is also a great place to eat and do a little local shopping. Anyhow, after spending a day with Marv, we felt like we could get around with less mystery and had fun going to the other viewpoints that we did have time to do the first day. I also recommend taking the bus shuttle to the far west end and work your way back to the main entrance early. You can’t drive to these viewpoints and the bus makes it easy. Then you might want to come in to the park from the east end to see those as well. Lots to see. Lots to do. Start with Marv and go from there. If you only have a single day, make it happen with Marv. 🙂

TripAdvisor Review from Mike W


Best Way to learn about the Canyon

There are a lot of ways to tour the canyon, but Marv and Maggie know how to get you to places where there aren’t the crowds, and when in the crowded areas, they know how to maneuver around everything.They are both so knowledgeable and make the learning experience really fun !!
There’s nothing like a local person to show an area as magnificent as the Grand Canyon! I can’t recommend them enough !!

TripAdvisor Review from JR Strace

Marvelous Marv is MARVELOUS!

Our group of nine, ages 19-74 loved our day with Marv and his wife/business partner Maggie. They are both characters with experience leading these tours of the Grand Canyon for 30+ years. Marv has a very comfortable orange van and was kind enough to meet us at our home rental since it was closer to the Canyon than the Williams Visitor center. He and Maggie narrated our tour and made sure we knew the difference between a “mesa” and a “butte.” We really appreciated their stories and knowledge and willingness to answer questions at any time. We were there in late March, so it wasn’t that busy. We arrived at the Canyon around 9 am, and had the walking path pretty much to ourselves, which was great. Marv took pictures of our entire group and knew the best spots to take the photos. I would encourage Marv to take more than one picture in each location as once in a while our pics came out blurry or someone’s eyes were closed – a problem with “larger” families. With digital cameras and phones, OK to click away! The Grand Canyon continued to unfold to our “oooohs” and “aaaaahs” – simple breathtaking in every way. Marv and Maggie knew all the spots to take us to and made it easy – no getting lost and plenty of opportunity for bathroom stops, lunch, ice cream break, and some shopping at the 3 gift shops we stopped at. Marv also had recommendations of other sites to explore in the area. He recommended Sunset Crater, Wupatki National Monument, and the Cameron Trading Post. We visited all! Roundtrip from the Williams, AZ area – we left the house around 8 am and were back by 4 pm. Marv gave us each a large packet of tour/reading materials at the end to take home. A MARVELOUS DAY! Our only surprise was that I had requested a private tour for our group of 9 and we ended up joining Maggie and another family. They were SUPER nice, so that did not end up being a problem at all – but I was expecting the tour to be for our family only. If this is really important to you, I would suggest making that clear and reconfirming ahead of time that your tour will be private just for your group. HIGHLY RECOMMEND MARVELOUS MARV!!

TripAdvisor Review from C4O Trace


Simply Marvelous!!!!!

We went on Marv and Maggie’s tour last week. I was a bit nervous as I booked this for 7 members of my family ranging in age from 74-21 and wondered if it would be appreciated and enjoyed by them all. The answer… YES! This is the only way to see the Grand Canyon. You start learning things from Marv and Maggie as soon as you enter their bright orange comfy van. The learning doesn’t stop . If we had done this on our own we would not have fully absorbed the rich history of this magnificent place, we would have spent most of our day fumbling around from parking lot to parking lot following the crowds. Marv and Magpie know how to avoid the crowds and truly made this an experience none of us will ever forget!

TripAdvisor Review from Krista C


Excellent Tour of the Grand Canyon!

Marv and Maggie were amazing! They are both full of knowledge about every aspect of the Grand Canyon. They provide information about the geology, the wildlife, the culture and more. They know the best places to go and beat the rush, they know all the spots for great picture opportunities, and share their wealth of knowledge along the way. It was a marvelous tour, Marv and Maggie are amazing people, and everyone on our tour had an amazing time!

TripAdvisor Review from Tate

May 2013

Dear Marv,

We are safely home again and wanted to take a few minutes to write.

Thank you so much for such a wonderful day at the Grand Canyon.  It was one of those special days we will always remember and share often.  We were fortunate to have you with us so that the experience of such a special place was made that much more exciting and interesting as well as great fun and educational!   We can’t thank you enough for such magnificent memories – if only we could have taken a photo of that condor!  Maybe next time.

We send you our thanks and best wishes for the future and wish you continued success, health and happiness.

Best regards from

Bill and Christine Carey (Boston)

Oct. 2012

Your tour was awesome!  A day I will always remember, you treated us as family, (in my book that is being treated good).

The young lady that works the morning shift at the comfort inn, when we were there, told us you were the best, now I know she was right.

I wish we could have met your wife.

I appreciate You

Larry Shaw
Oklahoma, USA

August 2012

I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful day/tour that my 2 sons and myself got to spend with you. You made the awesome Grand Canyon even more so with your inside information and tidbits that I can almost guess no one else shares. You had the answers to our questions and then some. Pictures you took of use are a great gift not to mention the take home package you gave us. You are the best as far as we are concerned.

Joan, Mike and Gino
Idaho and California

April 2012

Hey Marv,

johnny and i want to thank you for an amazing day.  it was perfect from beginning to end.  we were prepared to be amazed; but we were stunned and spellbound!  you showed us the beauty of this incredible place, taught us so much about the canyon and the people who were and are a part of it, and treated us like honored guests!  had we tried to “do” the canyon by ourselves – we’d have been frustrated by our lack of knowledge of the park, by the difficulty of parking, and we would never have found our way to the most beautiful views.  nor would we have learned how the canyon came to be the treasure that it is.  our day was relaxing, rewarding and one of our most memorable experiences – thanks to you.  bless you marv – and take good care of yourself.  may you and your best friend have a wonderful honeymoon and many years of fun and happiness ahead.


tina and johnny derksen

February 2012


We had the good fortune of taking your Marvelous Marv’s Grand Canyon tour on Feb 8, 2012. I had researched tour information on the internet and thought that you would give us an excellent trip with a lot of color and personal stories about the area. It was all I expected and more! Even though you wanted four people you took the three of us on what we considered our own personal tour. February is out of season for Grand Canyon tours. But it was a beautiful sun shinny day and unseasonably mild. You picked us up on time at our hotel in Williams and brought us back as scheduled. You had some extras which really added to the experience – a movie on the way back in your van telling the story about the mules of the Grand Canyon, a goodie bag with a magnet, map and other interesting information and probably the most compelling was your personality and commentary. Thank you Marv.

Carl & Rhea Iverson and Joelene Rusk
Minnesota and Wisconsin

June 2011

Hi Marv, I wanted to thank you so much for the absolutely wonderful tour of the Grand Canyon. You have so much knowledge and details that you add to your tour that we felt like we were with the ultimate expert of the Grand Canyon. You went to every measure to make sure we were getting all the tour had to offer, and we thank you. One of the nicest features of your tour was the fact that my husband Gary usually has to do the driving, which means dealing with traffic and missing many of the sights. He felt like he got to enjoy the Grand Canyon as much as me and even snuck in a nap on the way back. We certainly will refer people to you any chance we get. You were the highlight of our weekend!

Hope to see you again,

Gary & Lorie Murray
Huntington Beach, Ca.


In June of 2008 Linda & I booked a Canyon tour with you. We were on the road seeing the sites for a month. The #1 highlight of our tour was with you and our trip to the Canyon. We are now planning our vacation for 2012 and the first web site I went to was Marvelous Marv’s which is saved as a favorite. We look forward to seeing you again in the Summer of 2012. Anyone visiting Grand Canyon and not booking a tour with Marv, well “shame on you”. You will never know what you missed.

Wayne & Linda Pryor
Middleburg, Fl.


Hi Marv

I’m sure you receive these type of e-mails quite frequently (if not, I don’t understand). I just wanted to send this thank you from Ann Marie and Neil (me) and let you know the wonderful and educational time we had with you and our 4 other tour members.

We could have gone to the Grand Canyon and read all the new signs (they were wonderful), BUT we could not have gotten you. You made everything come to life. Not only did we enjoy our tour mates, but your explanation, humor and knowledge made our tour of the Grand Canyon so much more.

I will NEVER EVER forget you nor our tour-mates.

I do not understand how others (except for money), can go blindly into the Grand Canyon and not take advantage of the knowledge and experience of guides like yourself.

My only regret is not booking a longer tour.

I did enjoy the added CD with the photos you supplied. You are a great teacher and love of the canyon shine through, your quirky/UFO side (ok my thoughts and enjoyment) was what made the tour that much enjoyable.

Ann Marie and I wish you a long life, peace and love for many many years to come.

Thank you for being there when we needed you. I’m so happy we chose you instead of others and the helicopter ride,


Ann Marie and Neil Leichman
(New City New York)

August, 2010


We are generally not “tour people” but decided to take a risk and give your tour a try.  Needless to say we were very pleased with the outcome.  You were able to cut through all of the logistics and headaches associated with visiting such a major tourist attraction as the Grand Canyon and we were able to settle back and enjoy the beautiful spectacle of God’s Creation.  Thank-you again for all of your informative and historical information provided at each point of the tour and helpful assistance guiding to the best places to take advantage of Grand Canyon’s amenities.  We have already recommended your tour to our friends visiting the Canyon in the fall.

Terry & Kathy Klein
Caro, Michigan

June, 2010

Marv, My husband and I would love to thank you for the “marvelous” time we had today. It was exactly what we were looking for in a tour. When we go on tours we like to learn about what we are seeing. You made the canyon come to life. We didn’t want to leave. Your expert knowledge mixed with humor and colorful conversation, gave it such a family atmosphere. You care about the canyon and you let people know that. You made us care too. When we opened the travel packet that you gave us at the end of the tour and found the picture you had taken from your camera already printed out as a gift to us, IWe were so thankful that we had found your website the night before.

Kathy Gray

May, 2010

Writing to thank you for that wonderfully informative tour you provided for my wife and myself.  I write requesting some info if you would. We listened as you discussed the forest area at the park and how crowded some areas were, while pointing to the area where controlled burning occurred, and the damage that resulted. You had commented about the branches of government that were battling for control. I think one was the Corp of Engineers, but would like the complete names you related as government agencies.  I have sinister reasons for requesting this information. I have 2 senators who believe that government is the only answer to the problems of our energy needs, and beside pointing out how well the government has done with the Indian tribes, Socialist Security among others, I want to use the Grand Canyon Park as another example of what happens when the government says ‘we are here top help you.’ Thanks very much. We have already mentioned your tour service to a couple of RVers here at American RV Campground, in Albuquerque, NM.

Again, than you for that wonderful eye opening experience you narrated for us and also that great CD of pictures. Wishing for you a prosperous and long and happy life.

Ted and Sharon

Hi Marv:

Linda and I took your tour on Monday, March 15, 2010 just have to say it was perfect in every way. I searched you out on the Internet and knew I had found the “right” guy immediately, especially when you sent a follow-up email to see if I was still interested. You treated us like family the whole time, that’s so rare today and thanks for being so “politically incorrect”- we don’t have much room in our lives for that stuff either. See it, say it, call it like it is- that’s my way, too!!

We thoroughly enjoyed the way you conducted the trip- gave everyone plenty of space- plus shared your seemingly endless knowledge of the Canyon with all of us. Marv, it was a warm and friendly experience to see the least-THANKS!! The “Canyon” is a spectacular place and you let us in to your enjoy your backyard.

Thanks also for the recommendations of places to eat in Williams, we really enjoyed the Pine Country Restaurant, had dinner that night and went there for breakfast before going on to NM the next day. Good food, good prices and much like you-good people, too.

I certainly will recommend your service to all of my friends all over the country. I’m an independent businessman too and I understand the challenge we all face from the “corporate wannabees”.

Next time I’m coming through AZ, I’ll take your tour again- its all worth it, plus I have another friend to visit!!

You called me “chief ” through the day, funny all my life people have called me “chief ” I’m not sure why, but I guess it must fit, it doesn’t bother me.

Peace be with you, always-keep the faith.

Thanks always

Ray & Linda Hardy

OCT. 09


Diana and I want you to know that the tour that we took with you was truly the most enjoyable adventure during our Arizona vacation.

Prior to coming to Arizona we watched The National Parks – America’s best idea and enjoyed Ken Burns production.   However, if I had to choose for a second time between your tour and watching The National Parks there is not a question that you would be our first choice.  Why?  It’s extremely simple you are so very knowledgeable and entertaining.

Keep up the good work.

Larry and Diana Kay

Howdy Marv!

We made it back to Texas safe-n-sound from our wonderful trip to Arizona and Nevada. We enjoyed ourselves and had a lot of fun but…without a doubt your tour was THE highlight our of vacation!! We’ve both always heard how beautiful the Grand Canyon is but, never dreamed it would be so magnificent. Your knowledge and enthusiasm about the Grand Canyon without a doubt enhanced our experience. Your tour is a MUST for anyone considering a trip to the Canyon.

We have to tell you a funny story. Not 15 minutes after you dropped us off at our bed-n-breakfast we were approached by a couple wanting dinner suggestions. We passed along the restaurant names that you suggested (and by the way Rod’s Steakhouse was DELICIOUS). After that they asked us if we had gone to the Grand Canyon yet. With our eyes beaming we said “YES…we just took a tour with Marvelous Marv”. They sadly looked at each other and said we just got back too, have you heard about the train ride to the Canyon? Well…it’s VERY expensive and a BIG waste of money, barely any time to see anything and no guided tour. Besides that it wasn’t even a Steam Engine…it’s a damn diesel engine and it “STINKED”!

Well Marv, there you have it…your tour sells itself. From two VERY satisfied customers we hope other people will be as lucky as we were and learn about your tour BEFORE they visit the Grand Canyon on their own or with someone else!

By the way, we hope everyone is sure to purchase a copy of your picture cd…it is AWESOME and an absolute bargain!

Thanks again!

Donna & Ken Carnes

Georgetown, Texas

May 7, 2001

P.S. We’re working on some video clips and hope to get something to you before too long!

Hi Marv,

We just wanted to let you know that we had returned from our vacation safely and to tell you that we had the best time on your tour!

We went on Mon April 23rd……We drove back there to watch the sunset on Tues and boy did I get a big surprise!! Jim proposed to me at Hopi Point right at sunset which was beautiful, a very romantic setting….he even had the ring!!

The Grand Canyon will now be a very special place in our hearts for 2 reasons now……Getting engaged and learning more about it because of you and enjoying your company!!

We have not set a date yet which is the big question from everybody but we’ll let you know

Also thank you for the wonderful pictures we’ve got loaded on computer so we can send to friends and family!!

Be safe and have a great summer!!

Your Friends From Independence, Or

Janet Lane and Jim Hoyle



I just wanted to thank you for the excellent tour you gave the three of us. Your knowledge was never stumped despite our constant obscure questioning. The time you took to answer each question in depth was appreciated by us all. We may never get to travel out west again and you truly made the trip a learning adventure that will last us a life time. We had another group that chose to travel to the canyon themselves. It was so nice to see them the next day and educate them on the wonders and facts we learned. They wish to this day that they would have went with us on your tour. I guess they felt a little cheated by not learning about the canyons beauty. The picture disc was a excellent idea. All my friends have received a photo by email the night I got home. The wait at the photo center was not needed thanks to you. Thank you again for being a true guide that will listen and show us the things we wanted to see and not just lecture us like the other guides we seen that day. Best of luck to you!

Brian & Mary Arnold, Aprille Morgan


Hey Marv, How do I begin to tell you how much fun our group had with you and Maggie. You 2 definately(sic) exceeded our exectations. I visited the Canyon with my son in July of ’99 and thought it was wonderful. But your dedication to the area and the enjoyment of others to appreciate it is exceptional. We had such a wonderful time. Your attention to Mike,(riding shotgun) was great. We know you realized he has a problem, but you just accepted him the way he is. Most people, unfortunately, have a problem with that, but not you. I guess it didn’t really surprise me once I met you.

What a zest for life you and Maggie have. I will highly recommend your services to anyone that is even close to the area. The special touches, like the cd and all the area amenities, was especially great. This is above and beyond the call of duty.

Granted, our trip would have been nice, but with your guidance it was exceptional. It’s unanimous, that whole gang loved you and Maggie, and of course the tour. Sure hope you 2 have a great time in London and Amsterdam, you deserve it!! I will be checking on the results of the court battle of the Park. We all sure hope the people of Williams fight for all of us. A Disneyland at Grand Canyon is Mickey Mouse.

My love to both of you, you feel like family!!!

Elaine Grace


Hello again, Marv!

You probably don’t remember us but me and my family toured the Grand Canyon along with you.  You called us “The Brady Bunch” because of the large number of people in our family. Although we toured over a year ago, it still seems like yesterday.  I wasn’t expecting much but was in for a real treat.  Your truly are marvelous.  I believe that what is happening to the Grand Canyon is a tragedy also. How can they do something like this?!  But I’m not emailing you to complain.  The trip was a great event for my family… even our relatives enjoyed the pictures you gave us.  If we went alone, the trip would have been a bummer.  It is a long drive from where we live and what a disappointment it would have been.  You taught us so much. We still frequently look back at videos we made there.  As I remember a man with a dog at the canyon said as we passed him “That guy knows a lot…”.  I just wanted to show our appreciation AGAIN for being so great.

Thank’s Marv!
The Fairdosi Family

Dear Marv,

It’s late, but here is a thank-you for your humor, knowledge, and organizational skills on the tour my wife and I took with you in September, 1999. Reservations were a snap, the pickup was on time, the photo-diskette was an unexpected plus: what a great touch! We’ve emailed the photos you took of us, to our friends and relatives, and have heartily recommended your tour to friends of ours who will be visiting the Canyon area next month. You have a winner in Maggie, who picked us up as an overflow group — we really enjoyed his commentary on the way to the Canyon. And you made this, our first visit to the Canyon, a truly memorable experience. We would never have seen intelligently the south rim without your guidance.

Bill and Mireille

June 10, 2003

Maggie and Marv,

Thanks for the wonderful day in the Grand Canyon. You made a very snowy day a success for three Texans. Without your expert guidance and watch care we would have missed seeing the many beautiful sights.

Your constant attention to us and your expertise regarding the canyon was much appreciated. Your personalities made us feel like we were old friends and we thoroughly enjoyed your company.

Our granddaughter, Rachel, after having spent five days at a dude ranch riding horses said her favorite part of the whole week was the Grand Canyon. You made that possible.

You’re the greatest and we sincerely appreciate all you did for us. Hope to see you again in the future.

July 30, 2001

Thank You Marv and Maggie!

Just wanted to touch base with you and Maggie and let you know we made it home to Oklahoma late yesterday. We took your advice and returned to the canyon for the sunset – it was truly spectacular! We were also fortunate enough to spot the condors and also got to see Scar face up close and personal. The next day we traveled the east route and left the park around noon.

Our digital pictures are wonderful – I’ll definitely be getting prints of some. Thanks for a great experience – we hope to make it back that way again and be able to spend more time. Your tour was fantastic – can’t imagine having gone to the Grand Canyon without it! So much better seeing it thru an expert’s eye – Thanks again!

R. & Terena Fouts

Marvin you are truly marvelous!!

By A Yahoo! Contributor, 04/14/08

His tour is A+++++++

Betty and I went on this tour on 13 April 2008.

What a great human being and American.

His tour is truly marvelous!!

Thanks Marvin!

Betty and John


17 June 2001

G’day Marv

This is Bernie & Scott from Oz who joined your tour on Memorial Day 2001 along with two other Aussies, Denis & Gwen and two other couples from Texas & Georgia (two lovely couples). We were so impressed with your knowledge and passion of the Canyon that the sight of this most awesome of places will live in our memories for ever.

We initially wanted to take an aerial tour but after weighing up our dollar against the US$, with our small budget made it impossible. After hours of scouring the NET we came upon your site and then decided to take your guided tour. What an absolute gem of a find you were Marv.

Our day was enriched by your knowledge and I find myself wandering back to that day and reliving my first glimpse of the Canyon. For me this was a very emotional moment and the culmination of a dream come true. To be standing on the rim of the canyon and soaking up the sights, sounds and feelings of this most spiritual of places was awesome.

From the moment we stepped onto your bus at Williams you shared the stories of the people, history, flora, fauna and geology of the canyon with so much vigor and enthusiasm that we couldn’t help but share in your excitement.

We saw guides from various other companies, they gave no explanations of any aspects of the canyon and I couldn’t help but feel sorry for their clients whose only recollection of the canyon was a hurried glimpse and a few snapshots on their Minolta’s, how robbed they were!

For anyone reading this we hope we have convinced you into taking Marv’s tour, believe me you will not be disappointed for one moment, as we were not! We have told our family and friends that they must see the canyon before your government, in their wisdom, takes that privilege away.

Keep up the passion for “your Canyon” Marv, it was an absolute pleasure to have met and shared the experience with you. Definitely money well spent!!!

See ya mate!

Bernie & Scott

PS Hope Margie is well.

Dear Marv,

Dave & I took your tour Aug 18, 2006.  We want to tell you again how much fun we had and what a wonderful tour guide you are.  We took your advice and went to Cameron Trading Post and had the Navaho taco.  It was everything you said it would be.  The trading post was really cool and we bought many gifts to bring home.  We also did the Pink Jeep tour in Sedona, to the Indian ruins.  It certainly puts a new spin on time.  Thank you for all of your information and advice.  We have been telling everyone here at home how important it is that we realize the importance of preserving our heritage & environment.

Thanks again,  Dave & Linda Jacoby

August ’09

Nancy and I want to thank you so much for a wonderful day at the Grand Canyon yesterday. Today we drove to Casa Blanca, NM and are now parked in a casino resort.  The other two folks from Michagan were fun to tour with.  After you dropped as off at the rv park we wen to that Rt 66 restaurant, there was a great singer who know the good oldies and then the gunfight was just across the street.  Nancy said it was such a great way to start our journey home to Wisconsin.

You should be very proud of your business, I don’t think you compete with the railroad guys, they cannot do what you do for your customers.  I love trains so the ride was great, but you added the “spice and feeling” of such a marvelous place!


Your new friends,

bob and nancy kassl
fall creek, wi

August ’09

Hi Marv

Just a note to say how much we both enjoyed our trip to the Grand Canyon.  We are now back home in Scotland, having completed our adventure of driving from Chicago to Santa Monica on as much of the route 66 as possible.  One of the highlights of our trip was without a doubt the tour of the Grand Canyon by the one and only marvelous marv, you were so informative and your sense of humor was great we both learned such a lot about the canyon and surrounding area it was fantastic and something we will never forget.  It was your 60th birthday on that day and we hope you managed to celebrate that evening.  Your patience and extra touches like taking everyone photographs and presenting us with our photo and your disc of your favorite views of the canyon was really special, thank you.   We will certainly be recommending your tours to anyone we know that intends to visit the canyon.  If we ever return to the area we would never go to to the Canyon without you.

Thanks again Marv

Take care and all the best

Jim and Morag Stewart

Dear Marv,

We returned home yesterday (Friday, July 21) at 10:00PM. We were exhausted but happy. Your tour was the best tour we had on our trip and that included tours at Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons. My grandchildren thought you were the  best thing since peanut butter. Thank you so much for making our grand canyon trip so memorable and giving us such valuable information about the history of the canyon. You truly are marvelous.

Carol Willoughby

Hi Marv & Maggie,

Olive and I got back to Muskoka Lakes Canada in good shape lots of fun going through security at the airport but that’s life. We wish to thank you for a wonderful tour we really enjoyed it also the floppy disc that you gave us we will cherish the pictures were very good. Olive and I have taken tours through europe,Greece,and the united kingdom and we rate yours right at the top .

Yours truly;

The Lawrence’s

July ’09

Dear Marv,

Just a quick note to thank you so much for our tour of the Grand Canyon last Sunday, July 19.  It was the absolute highlight of our trip.  Las Vegas was a real downer for my husband and I after the natural beauty of the Canyon.  We took your advice and drove Rt. 66 towards Kingman and then Las Vegas.  That was really beautiful country that we drove through and was an absolutely lovely drive.  Thanks for the advice on that and so much for the tour…we will never forget it!  Thanks also for the photo cd and family photo.  We have enjoyed those!!

Best regards,

Steve, Jan, Beth and Kyle Kravitz
(with the large Danish group on tour)

May ’09

Hi Marv

I just want to tell you, your tour was FANTASTIC, my Wife, Daughter and Myself totally enjoyed every aspect of your fully explained small tour.

What can I say, besides really HAPPY. You explained the whole geography of the Canyon, this you will not get on a Helicopter ride.

You showed us and explained all the plants and wildlife (Again, this can’t be had on a Helicopter). You definitely know YOUR Canyon mate, and all the surrounds.

I advise all to see your fantastic nature, experience, and tour.

When we do return to see the Canyon again, it WILL be with YOU mate.

Your small town of Williams is also a place not to be missed.

One thing I must tell you, you look so much like my mate that is not with us anymore.

P.S.  Thank you so much for the Mule Train DVD, I am showing it to all here in Australia.

Thank You and Best Regards,

Neil, Deborah, Sarah Griffiths

November ’08

Even after 10 years since our trip to the Grand Canyon we still think of you (we’re watching a program on the Grand Canyon on the Travel Channel right now). We even named our our cactus after you.  I suppose that’s fitting since we put cactus pete on your van’s antennae during the tour! We enjoyed your tour so much. It was such a highlight of our trip throughout the Southwest.  We look forward to visiting the Canyon again in the not-distant future. It is such a beautiful place, even pictures cannot do it justice.

Thank you.

Brad and Kyra Stuart

Just a note to thank you for the great tour Pat and I had in September 2008 with you and your party. We had motored down the coast and did not have a reservation but were accommodated the next day. Our group consisted of 8 people from Georgia and Michigan and the day was beautiful. You were a wealth of information which added greatly to our enjoyment and appreciation of the Canyon. We were especially impressed by the fact that one of our tour members had a handicap and you went out of your way to assist him and see that he also enjoyed the best vantage points possible. We had a full day and a great recommended Chicken pot pie luncheon. After the tour we further enjoyed a Happy Hour with our new found friends.  Many thanks and a highly recommended tour.

Peter & Pat
Victoria BC Canada


Dear Marvelous Marvin,

Thanks for your personalized tour last week.  Marsha, Kaitlyn and I really enjoyed your company and your knowledge of the Canyon. Our trip went well and we made it home yesterday in one piece. After we left you we visited Slide Rock Park in Sedona and then went on to Jerome. I met with my friend , Don Brown,  today who had recommended your tour and gave him a picture I took of you. He was sadden when I told him about your business slowing down. I guess it’s the sign of the times.

Since our conversations, I’ve been doing a bit of research on the plight of the Grand Canyon tourist impact and the foreign interests who seem to be reshaping the destiny of our park and other public lands. I agree with you 100% that something has to be done, but what? The dollar speaks louder than our citizens, but I wonder if our citizens are being brain washed into thinking that this is the way things are…follow the money..

So, take care of yourself and again, thanks.

Richard, Marsha and Kaitlyn Krentz

Feb. 08

We booked Marvelous Marv’s Grand Canyon Tour on Friday 2/9/08.  Marv picked us up in Williams in his clean white high top van.   There were a total of 7 of us tourists on our tour, but he can take 12.  On the way to the Grand Canyon, we watched a video about the mules in the Grand Canyon.  This was a great way to see what you would see on the mule ride, but still be able to walk afterwards.  Marv has done the mule ride 3 times and can answer your questions.  He explained about living and working in the park, and some history of the National Park Service.  When we got to the Grand Canyon itself,  and we went to the first viewpoint, he gave us some time to absorb the size and beauty of it.  It really is awesome!  He taught us much about the history and geology of the canyon.  He took pictures of us with the canyon as background with each of our cameras.  We stopped at the Yavapai Observation Center, and a park ranger had a telescope set up so we could see the Colorado River and the bridge to get to the Phantom Ranch.  Marv explained about the Colorado River, water and resource “management”. He told us about the rafting trips, (they had a rafting slide show there) and about local volunteer efforts to clean up the shoreline and beaches of the river every year. There are some great exhibits, including a satellite map.  They have a great bookstore there (tax free!).  We walked along the Rim Trail and took more pictures at Yavapai Point . We saw the mules and riders far below, walking across the Plateau to the point, where they stop for lunch before returning up the Bright Angel Trail on the day trip. It was lunchtime for us too, so we went to the “Grand Canyon Village”, and had lunch at the Bright Angel Lodge.  The food was good, and not too expensive (lunch is not included in the tour).

After lunch, we had an hour or so to walk around and check out things in the Village at our leisure.   You could walk along the Rim Trail to the Kolb Studios and the Bright Angel Trailhead.  Or head up the other way toward the Hopi House, where there are many beautiful art pieces and much jewelry for sale.  We went to the El Tovar Hotel, which was built by the Railroad Barons.  They still keep the dining room Teddy Roosevelt used the same way it was back then. Verkamps  Store is up that way too, another great place to shop.

When we met Marv back at the van, he had a wonderful CD with video clips, a BBC radio interview, and hundreds of pictures of the Grand Canyon for everyone. This is included in the tour.   We finished our tour of the park area, and headed back down AZ route 64, listening to very relaxing music.

Yes, we learned a lot on this tour, because Marv is very knowledgeable.  However, the Grand Canyon  and surrounding areas are not just a job or business to him, it really is part of his and his family’s life, and it shows.  You can tell he really respects the canyon and the natural resources.  He has a great personality, wicked sense of humor,  and his irreverence for some of the things we discussed is refreshing.  And, like his website says, he knows where the bathrooms are!

T.C. Burdette

Feb. ’08

Hi  Marv—

Have been going through old travel information—-came across your sheet—decided to see if you are still in business—-glad to see you are—–we still talk about the wonderful day we had with you in July 2001—tell our grandkids about your being an advocate for preservation of our National Parks and infrastructure of our USA.   Your magnet is still in our RV so you have traveled with us many miles since our visit to AZ.   Keep on Drivin !!!!

Nancy and Jay Sharp
Mustang, OK

Hi Marv,

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know what a wonderful day we had with you in March 19, 07.

Our stay at Canyon Gateway RV Park provided us with your tour information.

Our tour with you was fabulous! The intimate group (6) that we took the tour with was better than we had anticipated.

All the great information you provided us with was more than we could all ever comprehend.

You have a great way of telling stories about the Grand Canyon that make it most interesting.

Our friends Rich & Judy whom had never visited the Grand Canyon, while Ev & I had experienced the Canyon on our own a few years ago. We were all happy to have taken your tour and really find out about the Grand Canyon and some its secrets.

You were a fun guide! We got some GREAT pictures and have wonderful memories, all because of you.

We Thank You for a fun & entertaining day!

Everett & Linda Swesey

Rich & Judy DeWolfe
Clearlake Oaks, CA

July ’06

Hi Marv,

I just went through the CD you gave us–fantastic pictures!  Thank you so much.  I especially liked the tag on the “Indiana Jones of the Grand Canyon.”  And the condors–I didn’t get very good pictures of them, but you certainly did!

I’ve been singing your praises and talking to anyone who will listen about the wonderful day we spent at the Grand Canyon with you.  I know that my sister will definitely be traveling with you sometime in the upcoming year.

We also enjoyed our trip to Havasu and Mooney Falls.  The helicopter ride was really fun, the horse ride was great, and the falls were so beautiful.  Our entire Grand Canyon adventure was just perfect–we thank you for your part in that.

Also, the information packet your gave us at the end of the tour was great–we took advantage of one offer in it and went to the Observatory in Flagstaff.  We saw the planet Jupiter and its moons!  Thanks for the picture of our family on the rim, too.

Anyway, I just couldn’t spend an evening with your pictures and not take a moment to thank you again for helping me fulfill my childhood dream of seeing the Grand Canyon.

Thank you,

Lisa Troute
Jupiter, FL

Hi Marv,

Now that we’re back home once again, we’ve been reflecting on our trip to the Grand Canyon with you on Monday, June 12, 2006.  That was such a great day!  Your commentary on the Canyon was very thorough and truly educational.  It was something that we definitely could not have gotten on any other tours, and certainly would have missed had we been on our own.  It was really special to be on what was basically a private tour with you and the 5 gals from Illinois.  What a treat!   The day was beautiful, the ride to and from the Canyon most relaxing (our conversation in the van both interesting and fun), and lunch at the Cafe was delicious.  Thanks for the tip on the chicken pot pies.  Yum!!

We especially appreciated your telling us how to get over to the railroad yard in Williams after we returned, so that we could photograph the Shay and the other engines there.  Thanks, too, for the tip on the book, Over the Edge: Death in the Canyon.  Anne’s reading it now, and says that it’s not only fascinating, but very informative.  She loves the way the book is formatted, with charts tying everything together at the end of each chapter.  It’s definitely well written.

Many thanks for the fabulous tour.  We will remember it for years to come, and have been telling all of our friends about you.  It’s good to see someone take such a personal interest in, as you so aptly put it, “One of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World”.  The Grand Canyon is our heritage and needs our protection.

Let’s pray that all who visit will hold it in the same high regard as you, and will work to preserve, rather than to destroy it.  Thank you again, good luck, and may your tour business prosper!

Anne and Dick Anderson

April ’06

Dear Marvelous One:

We all want to thank you for a marvelous day from the fantastic five. Your guided tour was beyond our expectation. Your website did not really do it justice, as your meaningful and politically not correct commentary was a welcomed departure from the normal canned tour.

We will surely recommend your tour as an essential to any of our friends who are intending to visit the Grand Canyon in the future. As concerned Americans, we too are in agreement with your thinking that the American Park lands should be available for Americans without restrictions that are currently being and will imposed by our government. Surely, we hope that paving of the rim roadways are reconsidered. We enjoyed the walk and views that were unabated by throngs of tourists walking on sidewalks. Seeing the Elk and Coyote scat in the woods seemed out of context with the conventional tour, while at the same time bringing us closer to the environment and the balance that nature provides in the wilderness. The smell of the sage and beauty of the natural wonders which abound at the Canyon and its surroundings were the most awesome part of your tour.

Today, we had an opportunity to view the hundreds of photos and videos that you took and provided us with the same on your gift CD. All in all it was a Marvelous Marv kind of day and one that we will always remember as one of the highlights of our trip to Arizona. Josette knows the difference between a donkey and a mule now. Nevertheless, Josette still wants to put her “Jackass” on a “Donkey” and ride down the mule trail.


The Fantastic Five

Josette, Janice, Carole, Michelle & Fred (the mule master)

October 14, 2005

Dear Marv and Maggie,

I think the word ‘marvelous’ is very apropos when it comes to the kind of experience you and Maggie provided my wife and I on our recent visit to the Grand Canyon. Not only was it our first trip to the Canyon, but we were on a limited time schedule. What you gave us was a wonderful experience and one we will remember and cherish for a lifetime, or at least until we return for another visit. The wealth of knowledge you both have and shared with the people in our group simply made the visit. The sight of the Grand Canyon is indeed awesome, but your insight added a depth to the experience that was thoroughly captivating. I would liken it comparing a black and white image of the Canyon to a 3-D panoramic color photo or painting of the same scene. I’m sure you know which one your tour is. There was that much more depth to our experience. Whether it was the wonderful geology lesson on the Canyon that Maggie gave us or the human historical perspective of the Canyon, you gave us a most enjoyable and unforgettable picture of what is a truly magical place. I only wished we could have had more time to pick your brain, more time to hear the wonderful anecdotes, more time to learn about the wonder and majesty of this natural wonder of the world. And you guys are such wonderful teachers. Why you might ask? While we were at the Village walking along the rim, there were a couple occasions when someone was wondering out loud about this or that, and of course I could give them the answer. For example, “that’s the bright angel trail.” or ” that’s one of the trails that the mule trains take.” I only felt sad that they hadn’t had the opportunity we had of hearing all the really good stuff, all the behind the scenes stuff. I am sure we will be making another trip to the Canyon and when we do, we most assuredly will give you guys a call to reserve a space. And we will definitely recommend you to any and all who would be planning a trip there in the future.

Thanks again,

Masa and Rosemary Kora


My wife and I want to tell you how much we enjoyed our tour. It was a gas! You were playing hooky that day so your lovely lady took us. What a delight she is. You say it’s a personal tour and it sure was. We were the only ones. WOW was that great. “M” is so good and well informed I was amazed. She taught me more that day than I learned in school.

Once she learned I was a Nam vet the tone of our tour took a hard left. It was great not having to be politically correct. Earthy people are my people. “M” was a true wonder to listen too. Give that girl a raise!

I have already recommended you to others and will keep doing so. We got much more than we paid for or expected.

Thank you both so much for a wonderful experience. We’ll be back and do it again.

Joe & Mary Ann Dailey

Aug. ’05

Dear Marv:

I want to thank you for the wonder filled day last week.  This was my second trip to the Grand Canyon in the last 5 years, and it was certainly the most enjoyable.  Your hands-on, one-on-one tour was exactly what I was looking for.  The awe and wonder and beauty of the Grand Canyon is  almost overwhelming, but learning how it developed over time, learning about the geology, ancient dwellers, plants and wildlife certainly made it more real.

I have some awesome photos and wonderful memories.

Thanks for the entertaining and enlightening trip.

Theresa Cole
Durham, NC


Thank you so much for such a wonderful day at the Grand Canyon!  Our trip was amazing.  We went from Boston to Flagstaff (met you and Maggie), drove to Sedona and spent 3 days at The Enchantment Resort.  The Resort was expensive but amazing for a couple of days of sleeping surrounded by the red rocks!

We then flew out to L.A. and drove up to Kings Canyon to meet the Sequoia trees!  They are more amazing than we ever dreamed!

We drove to Coronado and spent a few days at the beach.  We spent a couple days in Disneyland before we stopped to take a quick look (which was WAY more than enough) at Hollywood!

Wow!  I guess all that glamour really only exists in the movies!

Thank you so much for the tour of the Grand Canyon.  You and Maggie gave us an UNFORGETTABLE experience and we speak of you often!

We learned a great deal about Arizona,  the Native Americans, the environment, The Grand Canyon, and you!  The ride back was great!  The kids fell asleep.  You turned off the P.A. in the van, we talked, and we truly felt we had made a friend in Arizona.  It was also really nice to see some of Williams!  We thought Williams had beautiful character.

We hope to see you both again some day.

Our son Ryan is an up and coming artist.  He took many pictures that day, but this one of Maggie really stood out!  I thought you would like it!

Much Love and Best Wishes!

Dave, Lisa, Justin, Ryan, Joshua, and Liam Novelline

Hello Marvelous Marv,

I realize you may not remember us.  We are the Cook and Matlock families.  We toured the Canyon with you back in June of  2001.  There were 10 of us.  We had such a wonderful time. We were celebrating my nephew’s graduation from high school.  We still have your magnet (s)  on our refrigerator.  You treated us all so very special.  We have recommended your service to many of our friends and other people that we have come in contact with.

We were so looking forward to this trip to the Canyon.  My brother, Albert, Jr. located you on the internet and told us all about you.  We were so excited to have our own personal tour guide.  Graduation came and all 10 of us are off to the Canyon.  We met you early that morning and knew  that we had made the right decision to have a guide.  We had so much fun.  It was so nice to have someone drive us around while we enjoyed the scenery.  Oh, how beautiful it was!

This thank you is so long overdue.  Thank you for the great memories!  That’s all I have left of my brother, Albert.  He passed away unexpectedly back in July 2003.  He was a great photographer and loved all of God’s creations.  While on our Canyon trip, he took many pictures of the Canyon.  We have those pictures placed around our house.  I was cleaning off my refrigerator and something came across me to send you a quick email.  Next month my brother will have been gone for 2 years.  It’s hard to believe it’s been that long.  I realize you get a lot of emails but I just wanted you to know that we still  think of the great time we shared as a family while at the Canyon.

Again thanks for the Great Memories!  I know my brother continues to take wonderful pictures in Heaven!


Sandra Cook (Jeff, Jennifer,Lindsey Cook, Margaret & Albert Matlock, Sr, Jeannie, Chris, and Andrew Matlock)


Just a note to say thanks again for the great day we spent with you and the crew on March 30th at the Grand Canyon. The tour was everything you promised and more. I can’t imagine spending a single day at the Canyon any other way. And I greatly appreciate you steering us away from a G. C. Railroad trip – that would have been a wasted day and a sheer bore for the kids. We made friends with a couple staying at the same Inn – they had already booked a train ride and after hearing how much fun we had, they regretted having to go through with it.

Keep up the great work. We hope to return there in a few years for another go-round – and we will be sure to look you up!

All the best…

Bill, Lee Ann, Zachary, Addison & Karis Horner

Hi Marv & Maggie,

This is Becky Henry.  We took your wonderful tour in June of this year (2004) and I have to tell you that it was the best money we have ever spent!  Your knowledge and wonderful sense of humor made our trip most memorable.  We still talk about it today and would like for you to know that we think you and Maggie are superb tour guides.  Your insight into the Grand Canyon and the surrounding area is worth millions.  We would have never know any of the things we know now if we had not taken your tour!  For anyone who ever has any doubts if the tour is worth your money, I can say from our personal experience that if Marv can entertain our 19 year old daughter, a 13 year old nephew and a 31 year old nephew along with us old people, that you will not be disappointed.  Our daughter was such a skeptic and did not want to go to see the big hole in the ground, now she talks to all her friends about how wonderful and beautiful it is.  I know that this is due to you and Maggie.  If we had not taken your tour we would have been like the other millions of people who do their 17 minutes of staring at the Canyon and walk away!  We walked away with more memories and more information that no books or tour paper could ever provide!  I wish you and Maggie a wonderul life together and hope that you continue to share your love and heartfilled work with others.  May God bless you!

Hugs and many warms thanks,

Your friends from Beaumont, Texas

Becky, Charlie & Jennifer Henry

Donna, Fred & Christopher Holasek

Eric McCall

July 14, 2003

Marv and Maggie,

We just wanted to take a moment to thank you both you for our fascinating journey into the Grand Canyon. I have never been so humbled by nature as when we caught our first glimpse of the Grand Canyon. It was absolutely breath taking!

We sincerely appreciate all of the information and narration you provided on the tour. It was indeed a pleasure to see the Grand Canyon through the eyes of a local resident with such expertise on the subject! We couldn’t have asked for a more thorough tour. You both compliment each other so well, and allow the novice to see the Grand Canyon and experience it in all of it’s splendor. We appreciate not only your insight, but allowing us to walk around on our own and explore the various views of the Canyon.

There is only one way to see the Grand Canyon and that is by taking your tour. Since you limit the number of guests, it is the most intimate way to experience the canyon. Thank you for making it such an absolute treat! You have given us a memory that will last a lifetime! We will pass your name and number along to anyone that we find interested in visiting the Canyon.

Our best regards to you both!

Debbie and Rick

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